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Indian home decor ideas

Indian home decor ideas – simple and affordable

Indian home decor ideas - simple and affordable

Can I find Indian home decor ideas on a budget? Looking for pocket friendly Indian home decor ideas? If these are the questions playing on your mind…then you have landed at the right place for Interior design ideas for Indian homes. 

With deep rooted family traditions, our home means everything to us Indians. Our home is our constant companion and with these affordable and simple Indian home decor ideas. You will keep falling in love with your home over and over again. 

We Indians love to add and play with colours and all Indian home decor ideas revolve around colours. Just look around your house and you will find myriad colours. Every colour has the power to set the mood and uplift you. So, when you set out to refresh your home with simple home decor ideas. It always make the most of colours to make your home vibrant and full of life. 

How to decor an Indian home?
Pocket friendly Indian home decor ideas

Start with the entrance

Bringing a little change to the entrance of your house. It automatically changes the way you and your visitors look and feel the house. One could get new name plate or change the lighting, get new lampshade or change colour of the bulb. Even changing the  colour of the door can be considered. Or how about placing a plant next to the entrance or an interesting quote welcoming your guests. The entrance to the house is like the cover of a book and speaks a lot about what’s inside. 

Foyer or Hallway 

Subtle changes in the foyer or the hallway can slowly build up to a great living room experience of your home. Placing an ornately framed mirror on the wall or creating thematic photo wall with pictures from childhood to latest vacation. In today’s age of technology, framing memorable pics makes the experience timeless. Putting an independent seating set up by adding a couple of cane chairs also works if you get regular visitors.

The hallway is also a great place to add some scents. Mounting a scented candle stand on the wall or placing it on a colourful side table. It will not just uplift the look but also create a pleasant and delightful ambience from the first step itself. These are some very exciting and pocket friendly interior design ideas for Indian homes. 

Living Room

We Indians spend most of our time in the living room. A comfortable spot to enjoy a cup of tea, chat up with guests, unwind, watching TV, a casual phone call. A lot happens in the living room area. Living room is also the biggest space in an Indian household. Many things can be considered and how about starting with the curtains.

The colour and texture of the curtains can very well add a layer of colour and texture to the sunlight itself. Or add more aesthetics to your privacy. 

How about rearranging the furniture? This literally can cost you nothing but gives a whole new perspective and a makeover to your living room. And to top it all you can add a few natural elements by adding plants that bring nature into your home. There are many decorative indoor plants which are easy to maintain. They do not outgrow your living room and make up for home decor ideas Indian style. 

Choosing a focal point and adding pictures or paintings on the wall is also a great idea. You could choose an abstract painting or a graphical presentation or a nice scenery with colours. They go well with the overall theme of the living room. Give special attention to the size of the painting and the height at which you hang the painting. It will decide the kind of attention you want to give it on a day to day basis.

A picture is worth a thousand words and hanging the right picture can inspire you daily in more than thousand ways.

Bed room

Privacy is everything when it comes to your bedroom. Bringing in some art and show pieces on the side table can change the way you start your day. It can be a statement piece or a positive thought for the day, which can make your day and fill you with energy as you go about your daily tasks.

One could add more mood lighting by using interesting table lamps that can also become the source light for reading. Or you could throw a stylish rug to beautify your bedroom. 

From simple things like what to have for breakfast to what to wear on an occasion. We all love a little change. We all love to try and explore new things bringing freshness and newness in our day to day lives along with the constants that we do not want to change. Hope you find these ideas for simple and affordable changes to your home decor and add that constant freshness and newness, typical of home decor ideas Indian style. 

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