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No better feeling than refreshing your mind, body, and soul by enjoying a little time amidst nature and greenery in your aesthetically landscaped garden or a little sit-out. It’s everyone’s dream to have this beautiful open exterior space in their house, it’s like unroofing yourself within your roof and this is what our best landscape interior services are all about. Feeling the grass, smelling the flowers, and being next to nature and greenery are some of the little pleasures you can enjoy with well-thought-out landscape interior design. 

We are one of the leading and best-quality landscape design services providers in Hyderabad and can undertake any project irrespective of the size and layout. In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on sustainable landscape design and architecture practices that aim to minimize the negative environmental impact of landscaping projects and our team of best landscape architect designers is here to help you with it. Whether it’s a residential or commercial landscaping project, we ensure that we find the best landscape plans for your project. You’ll also be able to see how our landscape architect designers think and see the end result. We’ll give you all of your landscaping resources, as well as helpful tips, incorporating eco-friendly interior design practices

Landscape Interior Design Services We Offer

When planning a landscape interior design, there are many factors we consider and that’s what makes us the best landscape interior designers. The first step is to decide what type of landscape design you want. Do you want a formal garden with straight lines and symmetry, or a more naturalistic landscape with free-flowing curves? Once we have decided on the overall look of your landscape, we consider the individual elements that will make up the design. This includes things like plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, mulch, stones, and other decorative features.

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Customized Landscaping Designs

Mohh Interiors offers personalized landscape interior design services, transforming outdoor spaces into stunning, functional environments tailored to your lifestyle.

Indoor Garden Installations

Indoor garden installations bring a touch of nature inside, improving air quality and adding beauty to your home. With careful interior garden design, we can create a serene, green space that suits your style and space. 

Vertical Garden Solutions

Our innovative vertical garden solutions seamlessly integrate nature into your landscape design and architecture. Enhance aesthetics, improve air quality, and maximize space with this modern, eco-friendly approach.

Water Feature Installation

Environmentally conscious interior design with our water feature installations supports sustainability by conserving water and fostering habitats for local wildlife. These eco-friendly interior design additions elevate the aesthetics and serenity of your environment.

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Landscape Design and Architecture Tips curated by Mohh

Thinking of your outdoor space as you would the inside of your home can help simplify the process. Rooms have different layouts that cater to different purposes and landscape designs can, too. With these seven considerations, you’ll be well on your way to laying out a plan that’ll work for your garden.

Analyze Sun & Wind Patterns

When designing your backyard landscape, you want to take the sun and wind patterns into account. By placing a patio on the west side of your house, it will receive lots of afternoon sun in the winter. Much less overhang than an east-facing patio facing the hot afternoon sun in the summer. Similarly, you’ll have to consider what happens when wind gets around an exterior corner: that fire pit is going to go out pretty fast! These are common mistakes for beginners in backyard landscape design; make sure your design takes these factors into account.

Start with Basic Sketches

Sketching out a few basic sketches of your desired design, with thought to how you want it to function, is an excellent idea for beginners. In fact, simple drawings are all you need in order to grow your yard into the space you want and need. These sketches don’t need to be elegant- just keep them as rough ideas. After that, it’s easy enough to play around with ideas without having invested much time or money into them yet.

Be Open to Change

When it comes to design, respect yourself and your time by giving everything you have to what’s working for you. You may discover that one day something that once seemed attractive to you has actually turned out to be boring. Sometimes experimentation is useful; other times editing is what’s needed. Be Open to Change. 

Be Patient

It’s tempting to think you know what will work in your yard right away, but it’s important to live with it for a while before making any changes. Spending more time outdoors will get you thinking about new possibilities that might work better than the ones you thought of first.

Start Small

Most first-time landscapers usually don’t have a team handling the heavy lifting, so don’t try to do everything at once. Let your landscape grow slowly and take your time putting together your design. Part of the process is doing some work on a garden bed, then coming back and updating it when you have time to spare. So, instead of trying to do it all at once, work on one project for an hour or two at a time, and enjoy the process. 


We are the best landscape interior services providers in Hyderabad including landscape design and architecture and quality landscape design services and our team of best landscape architect designers are ready to turn your landscape interior dream into a reality. Call us now on ……………. for a free landscape interior design consultation with the best landscape architects in town. Our eco-friendly interior design practices ensure your space is beautiful and sustainable. Also, our interior garden design solutions bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

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