What are corporate interiors?

Imagine a wall full of inspiration, colors that turn you into work mode instantly, elements that relate and comfort, lighting that is designed to uplift your mood and increase productivity. All this and more is a part of corporate office interior design of the current times and we are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading corporate interior design firms in Hyderabad from 20 years.


Here is a little insight into what corporate interior designers do?

Corporate Interiors have evolved a long way in a short span of time and so has the work of corporate interior designer firms. Gone are the old office interiors days that made work look like a heavily serious affair. Today, the interior design in corporate office is all about providing a harmonious and flexible office space which is attractive and a place employees love coming back to everyday.

Corporate interior designers know that paying attention to details is the primary ingredient to creating par excellence corporate office interior design without sacrificing on professionalism.

“People are our greatest asset and strength” … Corporate interior design firms come across this expression from every corporate

 Office interior design services by Mohh are always people centric, after all they are the ones who are going to be making a growing use of it and increase the bottom line of the organisation.

Best corporate interiors are a living testimony of the company’s brand, vision, mission aligned to its unique value proposition. Everyday when an employee or a prospect walks into the office, it should serve as a constant companion and inspire everyday efforts.

All in all, office interior design services involves the process of sectioning and designing varied spaces inside a corporation including workstations, foyer area, reception, meeting rooms, boardrooms, cafeterias, open spaces, flexible meeting areas and more. This may be applicable to renovating an already existing office space or starting afresh in a newly acquired office space.

The same place can be interiorised in many different ways by different corporate interior design firms. What matters the most in office interior design services is the end result and how it makes your customers and workforce feel. When customers feel happy entering your workplace, the chances of a successful and profitable deal coming through automatically increases and the same goes for the employees, if they feel happy their productivity increases. This has to be the only objective of all corporate interior design firms offering office interior design services.

Corporate interior designers Work with space

 Everything starts with allocation of space. Space distribution and space allocation is key to designing corporate interiors. The height, length and width within the corresponding shape are the first details that help corporate interior designer envision the floor plan. Depending upon whether client wants more open space or more number of workstations, number of meeting rooms, flexible areas or enclosed cabins, work of corporate interior designers begins.

Corporate interior designers draw the lines

 Both horizontal and vertical lines are important when doing corporate interiors. Horizontal lines follow the line of furniture sitting on the floor and vertical lines follow outlets, doors, windows and everything that falls in line of the walls.

Corporate interior designers Balance the forms

 A balance between man-made geometric and organic natural forms create a perfect atmosphere in a corporate setting. When every object is added with a well-defined aesthetical or functional purpose, it improves productivity and peer interaction. 

Corporate interior designers Play with light 

The source and direction of natural light is the starting point to working around the artificial light which can include ambience lighting, task lighting, mood lighting, accent lighting and more. While natural light is a great energiser for the workforce, a balance is only possible with artificially lighting which completes the mood and inspires innovation.

 Corporate interior designers Spread Colors

 Every color has a deeper connotation and communicates at a very subtle level. Corporate themes are always represented through colors and the same line of thought gets communicated through use of colors in the corporate interior designing. May it be the color of the walls, flooring, furnishings, wood, doors etc. etc.

 Corporate interior designers Mix Textures

 Textures add another key layer which is directly related to providing comfort to the employees. Corporate interior designers make use of different textures to create more depth, breathing and ensure the right aspect gets highlighted at the right space. When an employee moves around the workspace, textures allow to break the monotony and add freshness in every step of the way.

 Corporate interior designers Communicate through Patterns

Beauty and efficiency lies in the details and patterns play the same role in a corporate office interior design. While the other elements take care of the bigger picture, correct patterns in correct intervals ensure a soothing environment and increase employee motivation and longevity, a detail no corporate interior designers will leave to chance.

Here are latest Corporate office Interior design tips curated by Mohh

Don’t hesitate to experiment

The corporate world is place for innovation, ideation and creating newer products and services. The same should be reflected in your corporate office interior design, a unique style statement of the corporate. Every element can be optimised to communicate a newer and out of box approach.

Employee comfort comes first

It is a proven fact that employee productivity increases when they work comfortably, the first and foremost aspect to consider is too creative a comfortable and efficiency inducing environment for all employees across different bands and job descriptions.

 Use of Technology

It’s impossible for any work to happen without a large role of technology. From virtual meetings to presentations across continents, latest and upto date technology must be incorporated to stay a step ahead from the competition.

Keep it Natural

Green natural spaces and elements keep the corporate environment always vibrant and close to life. It is a pleasing visual for the eye and provides instant relaxation in the otherwise high intensity corporate work environment. Use of wood is also a great way to keep the atmosphere light and natural.

Room for flexibility

Modern corporate office includes fluid and flexible areas, a place where an employee can sit with a laptop, have an informal discussion or brainstorm ideas for the new client. Providing this kind of room for flexibility keeps the work culture light and brings the best out of employees.

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